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Levélight 100

Quality 100 Lumen rear light with a gyroscope aided levelling system ensuring maximum efficiency and visibility. Single Slyder allows attachment to seat post, saddle railings, and rear stay. Features an accelerometer enabled Group ride mode. 

  • Gyroscope – Indicates when light is level

  • Brightness options: 20 – 100LM (120Lm brake light)

  • 400mAh battery, 1.5 – 12 hours of battery life (mode dependant)

  • One-click operation – one button to access all functions

  • Visibility: mx 1000m

  • Waterproof: IP66

  • Daylight visible – High brightness (100 lumens) for harsh sunlight

  • USB Type-C rechargeable

  • Multiple mount locations - seatpost, saddle rails or seat stays

  • Easy tool-free mounting with secure rubberized velcro system

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