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Groove Tool Pro
with Chain Breaker

  • Minimalist design (80g with 4 bits) 

  • CNC machined alloy construction

  • Ideal for hard-to-reach places: can be used in a ‘T’ or ‘I’ position

  • Chain breaker + 5 nickel-plated bits  (10 tools) + storage space for chain links

  • Magnets keep chain breaker, chain links & bits in place when storing/using

  • Vanadium insert for strength in T position

  • Machined ridges to ensure firm grip

  • Chain breaker included

  • Magnetic chain link storage (links not included)

  • Rubber o-ring provides a tight seal and protects nickel-plated bits from moisture

  • Customized Slyder Sleeve mounts almost anywhere on the  seatpost/frame with anti-slip velcro

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