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In-Bar Groove Tool

The In-Bar Groovetool features a chain tool, Slugplug Dual and a wide selection of common most-used tools on modern bicycles. Designed to store inside your handlebars, and doubles up as bar plugs. 

  • Durable 7075 alloy with hard anodized finish

  • O-ring options to fit in 95% of handlebars


  • CNC machined alloy construction

  • Ideal for hard-to-reach places: can be used in a ‘L’ or ‘I’ position

  • Includes: Chain breaker + 5 nickel-plated bits (10 tools) + storage space for chain links

  • Includes bits: 2; 2.5; 3; 4; 5; 6; T10 Torx, T15 Torx, T25 Torx, flat screwdriver

  • Magnets keep chain breaker, chain links & bits in place when   storing/using

  • Magnetic chain link storage (links not included)

      Slug Plug Dual:

  • Can pre-load two different sized slugs

  • Yellow C-clip ensures that slug does not stick to sides of protective caps

  • Two different needle widths, perfectly suited to different  plug sizes 

  • Pre-loaded ready to use 

  • Includes: 5 x 1.5mm slugs / 5 x 3.5mm slugs

Based on the 2022 Eurobike Award winning Groove Tool Pro with chain breaker


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