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Ryder Innovation Luberetta,

wins Eurobike 2021 Award!


Bicycle drivetrains are expensive. The latest wireless shifting systems can edge toward the total cost of a new entry-level bike and to make that drivetrain last longer, is essential. All riders know the importance of meticulous chain lubrication, but few are particularly good at it.


In theory, you are only supposed to lube the rollers of your chain with a drop of lubrication. But rushed schedules and awkward lubrication dispensers often have most lube transferring to the garage floor, or worse, the mountain bike trail’s parking area.


Ryder Innovation has now devised a better way of using the correct amount of lube for your drivetrain.

The solution is its Luberetta device, which any rider can use with skill – even in a hurry.


Works perfectly - when you are in a rush.

Comprising of a canister and silicone dispenser cap, the Luberetta has a guide channel for your chain. Most conventional chain lubrication products feature an extended drip nozzle – which easily clogs and can be awkward to aim at the chain.

The Luberetta’s silicone dispenser cap doesn’t require you to have a perfect aim, as it envelops the chain, delivering foolproof lubrication.

If you have ever tried to lube a chain in low-light conditions at a race, you’ll know the frustration of attempting to align a nozzle and apply correct squeezing pressure with cold fingers.

Works perfectly - when you are in a rush.

Works perfectly - when you are in a rush.


A smarter and more sustainable way

The Ryder Innovation Luberetta vessel contains 15ml of lube, and it’s easy to refill, with the silicone dispenser cap estimated to be suitable for 40 applications. 

In a world where cycling is being championed as a sustainable transport alternative and mindful outdoor activity, riders need to heed their toxicity profile.

Squirting lube everywhere but your chain, isn’t good for the environment.

The Luberetta helps optimise your chain lube budget by minimising wastage and making bicycle drivetrain maintenance kinder to the environment. No wonder the judges at Eurobike liked it so much.

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